Hataarindai, Bataasindai

This song is one for love that knows no conditions, for hearts that only see faith, and souls that are brave to exist in their own skins and out of all bounds. This song is a celebration of love, known and unknown. Here is to another year of love. Love is love.

‘Hataarindai, Bataasindai’ is a love song from the perspective of someone singing to a future partner that he or she hasn’t met yet. It signifies the optimism and the perseverance of the protagonist towards the idea of him or her finding “the one”, the person with whom he or she is certain of falling in love with. Throughout the song, the protagonist is speaking to his or her future partner, imagining how their love might be.

We wanted to feature both a homosexual and a heterosexual couple in this video as the terms such as “love” and “romance” are generally associated with heterosexual couples in the Nepalese media. We think that this lack of representation acts as a catalyst towards the rejection of the idea of homosexuality as normal in society.

The Nepali constitution recognizes LGBTQ rights and identifies the nation as progressive in this regard. However, homosexuality is still viewed unfavorably in the Nepali community and often simply vilified.

With this video, we hope to spark the much-needed conversations regarding the acknowledgment and the acceptance of every sexual orientation. We hope these conversations promote inclusiveness and amplify our message of equality for every sexual orientation. In addition, we would like to create a safe space for people to openly
express their identity without fear and love without judgment.

Written | Performed | Produced Sajjan Raj Vaidya

Sarangi: Shyam Nepali

Director / Screenplay: Nurbu Lama

Cinematography: Nurbu Lama, Tsewang Rinzin

Editing: Nurbu Lama, Abhinav Bhatta, Saumya Karki

Actors: Jonsai Thapa, Arhant Shrestha, Ila Lama, Abhinav Bhatta

Production Manager: Arogya Khadka


Kata kata chau kun rup maa,
Kun soch maa, haraaundai;
Kun geeta ko, kun bol maa,
Aafai lai, pahilyaundai.
Parkhi basechu, ma bokera,
Yo maya mero, dina timilai:
Aaunu ma kahan, maya timi,
Hataarindai, bataasindai.

Timro ra mero, hamro katha ko,
Shirsak dhairya banisakecha;
Timilai nadekhi, timro anuhaar,
Ankhaa maa mero basisakecha maya.

Shishir ko angaara le bhaakhecha timro aagaman,
Yei maya ma nisaasine kasto hamro yo paagalpan?

Kata kata chau kun rup maa,
Kun soch maa, haraaundai;
Kun geeta ko, kun bol maa,
Aafai lai, pahilyaundai.
Parkhi basechau ki bokera,
Tyo maya timro, dina malai:
Aaundaichu maya timi kahan,
Hataarindai, bataasindai.